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Born in 1983, Léonard started playing the saxophone at the age of 8. It is only four years later that Faton Cahen, the famous musician (cofounder of MAGMA and ZAO), spotted him and made him regularly play at his concerts, especially at the world known Parisian jazz club Duc des Lombards. Léonard is only 12 years old but the stage is already set for him, his true passion for saxophone and live performances are the cornerstone of his nature.

After graduating at a young age with a Bachelor of music degree specialized in classical saxophone at the Parisian conservatory (15th arrondissement), he also earned a jazz diploma at the EDIM school and another one at the American School of Modern Music.

Multifaceted and eager for new experience and experiments, he doesn’t limit himself, and starts opening up his music practice. Playing other instruments goes without saying for him, so he soon begins playing transverse flute as well as double bass (with bow), thus multiplying his skills and talent.

Léonard plays written as much as improvised music

Léonard’s open-mindedness, his eclecticism, along with his passion for written – or improvised – music, allow him to play with many different musicians coming from various cultures and musical backgrounds: jazz, world music, French chanson, but also classical, contemporary or electronic music. So far, he worked in collaboration with Gloria Gaynor, Didier Malherbe, Brian Jackson (Gil Scott Heron), and De La Soul… amongst others.

In 2007, Faton CAHEN, with whom his whole career begun, offers him to join his band. Together, they record a live DVD and 2 albums: « Amalgama » and « Don Faton », produced by Naïve.

He then creates Peach Noise with Charly Doll, Nicolas Mingot, Philby Brunelli, and Benoît Moerlen (Gong). The group pays tribute to Frank Zappa. Napoleon Murphy Brock (F. Zappa’s ex-singer) very soon joins them as lead singer. For many years now they have performed in prestigious concert halls and numerous festivals.

Driven by a strong musical background, composition naturally becomes part of his work

In 2011, backed by his groups and onstage experience, he finally resolves to create his own band: « ANIMAL ORGANIC ». Not only its author, he is also its composer and producer. This painter’s son then had the golden opportunity to materialise his original longing: bonding music to image. He co-directs with Tristan Sébenne the eponymous movie ANIMAL ORGANIC, highlighting his sphere, a very personal work in which image and music are as one.

From this moment on, this multi-instrumentalist chooses to explore different media to express his music. His pluralism never fails him. After ANIMAL ORGANIC, he diversifies and contributes to various projects, such as short films, ciné-concerts (for which he composes and performs – sometimes with other musicians – on 1920’s silent films), as well as documentary dramas for the TV channel EQUIDIA (« Les rouges terres » and « Head story »).

Léonard succeeds in the risky bet of adapting his compositions, while ever keeping his identity.

In 2013, he is offered to recreate the soundtrack and music of a notorious cultural TV show, broadcasted on France 2, « SECRETS D’HISTOIRE ». He composes the new musical score and oversees the recording. A successful and auspicious first step into symphonic music (with Bertrand Allagnat and Julien Bonnard).

Currently working on multiple projects, Léonard gives priority to composition, for which he gained a solid experience and many skills, recognised from his peers.

But live performance is still and always in his line of vision: since 2014, he plays in the show « Mistinguett, Reine des années folles » (Queen of the Roaring Twenties), the original soundtrack of which he also recorded.



  • Secrets d'Histoire (historical tv show / France 2)
  • Head story (docu-fiction / Equidia)
  • Rouges terres (docu-fiction / Equidia)


  • 2007 / Brian Jackson (gil Scott héron) au réservoir
  • 2007-2013 / Faton Cahen tour/lives
  • 2009 / invité de l'émission "Les Enfants d'Abraham" / Direct 8
  • 2010 / Gloria Gaynor Europe tour
  • 2014 / guest at Festival "Rochefort en Accords"
  • 2014 / De La Soul / Dock des suds
  • 2014-2015 / "Mistinguett" / at Casino de Paris
  • 2014 / Béatrice Ardisson
  • 2014 / Scène Nationale Foix / Animal Organic / Diddier Malherbe
  • 2015 / The Voice
  • TV shows / avec Florent Pagny, Arielle Dombasle, Liane Foly...


  • Faton Cahen: "Coeurs à corps" (Naïve), "Amalgama"
  • Animal Organic
  • Quintette Spirale
  • Moonengineer
  • Louis Gaston
  • Vasken Solakian


  • 2007 / Comte de Monte-Cristo Festival d'Aneres / Festival du cinéma muet
  • 2007 / La terre d'Uncastillo(Espagne)
  • 2008 / "Docteur Mabuse" / Festival d'Aneres
  • 2009 / Metropolis cinema les sept Parnassiens
  • 2010 / Le Golem / Festival d'Aneres
  • 2012 / Aelita / (Fritz Lang ) / Cinéma de Meaux
  • 2014 / "Feu Matthias pascal"festival d'Anères